Minatogawa Shrine Sword Masuda Masaaki NBTHK Hozon


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Minatogawa Shrine Sword Masuda Masaaki NBTHK Hozon
Proudly i present to you this Minatogawa sword.

Dive into the rich legacy of Minatogawa Shrine with an authentic sword crafted by the renowned Masuda Masaaki in Showa (1943). This great sword, adorned with a Nagasa of 64.2 cm and a subtle curvature of 2.0 cm, holds a unique place in Japanese sword history. Historical Crafting by Masters: The sword is a product of the expertise of Michimasa Murakami (name: Masatada) and Kaname Moriwaki (name: Morimitsu), trained at the Yasugi factory of Hitachi Metals Co., Ltd., and later swordsmiths at Minatogawa Shrine. Showa 15 marked the beginning of their journey, where they dedicated their skills to crafting military swords for naval officers. Inscription and Symbolism: A distinctive feature of this masterpiece is the inscription by Masuda Masaaki himself, stating “Minatogawa River Shrine, a Piece of Timeless Craftsmanship: This Minatogawa Masaaki Japanese Shrine Sword is not just a blade; it’s a living testament to craftsmanship, history, and undying allegiance. Own a piece of this rare legacy, connecting with the essence of Japan’s swordsmithing heritage.
During the Greater East Asia War, the chrysanthemum water crest was painted on kamikaze planes and kamikaze ships as proof of loyalty to the emperor and the nation. The “Kikusui Crest” was a symbol of loyalty.

Swordsmith Masaaki’s real name was Masao Yoshida, and he was born in 1912.
A great master of the Showa era who lived and created swords in Tomika Town, Kamo District, Gifu Prefecture
During the war, he was the official swordsmith of Minatogawa Shrine and was in charge of making Kikusui swords.

 Whether you are a collector, historian, or someone fascinated by wartime artifacts,
the Rare Special Preservation Kikusui Sword promises an immersive journey into the past.
Its craftsmanship, dedication, and historical significance make it a unique and valuable addition to any collection.

He is also known as the father of Yoshida Kanehisa swordsmith who is still active at the forefront today.
He is a master craftsman representing the Showa era and has won many awards at the New Sword Exhibition.
It is housed in an original navy  gunto Koshirae that is in good overall condition afcourse it has aging.
The tsuba, a total of three faces, and the back side of the rim, which is an extremely rare integrated face.
The serial number “27” is stamped on all the metal fittings, and a number is also written on the scabbard carp mouth
It is an unmistakable complete set, comes with wooden shirasaya.

NBTHK Hozon certificate.
Weight 798 gram