SlokZen sword Oil is a high-quality organic oil for your blade’s


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We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new sword oil Now available on our website


SlokZen sword Oil is a high-quality organic oil that has been specially developed for cleaning and preserving

and protecting all types of parts and equipment metal blade’s and antique.

SlokZen Oil is composed of synthetic hydrocarbonates, it does not contain petroleum or minerals

hydrocarbonates and is free from products that are classified as dangerous to health.

It is free from aromatic and mineral hydrocarbons. It is a skin safe product and does not cause

skin conditions, irritations is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

This product is 100% synthetic, contains no solvents, has no odor, is not soluble in water and

protects against chemicals such as salts and acids.

Product features

➢ cleans, lubricates and preserves (three in one) ➢ provides good protection against water and salty steam

➢ does not attract dirt ➢ this product is anti-static

➢ strong adhesive properties ➢ protective against chemical corrosion

➢ gives a long service life ➢ water-repellent and water-repellent

➢ offers good protection against wear ➢ electrical, non-conductive (100% synthetic)

➢ easy to use from –20°C to 200°C ➢ is no chemical waste (organic waste)


Practical experiences

Practical experience shows that the SlokZen Sword Oil protects all parts and equipment

good protective film layer of 40 microns. All other products are soluble in water and leave a spotty appearance

surface and then dry out and stick. None of this makes it any cleaner and you will clearly have a

see a difference with your equipment. This product is 100% synthetic and does not dry out and forms a very good

protective film layer that is resistant to chemical corrosion and electrolytic corrosion.

SlokZen Oil does not affect painted surfaces, rubbers, plastics or lexan.

SlokZen Oil has a very low surface tension and a controlled evaporation unit

the service life of the Multi Oil is 7 times longer compared to other products.

Technical data:

➢ Base material: Synthetic hydrocarbon from an organic base.

➢ Color : Transparent

➢ Density (20°C): 0.91 – 0.93 kg/dm3

➢ Freezing point: Lower than -20ºC

➢ Melting point : Does not melt.

➢ Solubility in water (20°C): Not soluble in water

➢ Flash point (1P34): > 56ºC

➢ Electrical: Non-conductive, (non-conductive) and anti-static.

Content 50 ml
Proudly developed in the Netherlands