Seisosai Muneari Katana: Edo Period Masterpiece with Goto Rokunosuke’s Test Cut


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Delve into history with the Seisosai Muneari Katana, crafted in February 1860 during the late Edo period. Muneari, a disciple of the renowned Koyama Munetsugu, channeled the Osafune Kanemitsu line and Awataguchi tradition, evident in this blade’s artistry.


This exceptional sword features a Chu-sized Kissaki and a captivating midare hamon, accentuated by a remarkable Tobiyaki detail, likely an intentional design to disorient foes under daylight.


Intriguingly, the blade bears a gold-inlaid inscription detailing Goto Rokunosuke Fujiwara Toshitada’s remarkable test cut at 22 years old in April 1862, showcasing the blade’s efficacy through Karigane & Taitai cuts—precision strikes through challenging bone-dense areas, a testament to its cutting prowess.


The Higo-style koshirae, crafted from naturally rusted iron, showcases exquisite gold-inlaid floral patterns, reflecting luxury and the status of high-ranking Samurai owners.


Blade Specifications:

  • Nagasa (Blade Length): 71cm
  • Sori (Curvature): 1.7
  • Weight: 879 grams
  • Period: Edo Period
  • Certification: NBTHK Hozon Tokubetsu
  • Additional: Comes with Shirasaya


Why Choose This Katana? This Muneari Katana, with its remarkable craftsmanship, gold-inlaid inscriptions, and original Higo-style koshirae, epitomizes the artistry and status of high-ranking Samurai. Certified by NBTHK Hozon Tokubetsu, it’s a prized collector’s item steeped in history, representing the skill and prestige of its era.


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Experience the legacy of Seisosai Muneari through this meticulously crafted Katana, a testament to its artistry and the heritage of Samurai warriors.