Katana Den Ishidou Teruhide Early Showa Period in Koshirae NTHK


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Ishido Teruhide (1900~1982) was the 10th and last generation of the prestigious Ishido Korekazu line of swordsmiths in Edo/Musashi Province (Tokyo). He was the descendant of the famous Musashi Daijo Fujiwara Korekazu.

During WWII, he produced many swords for high-ranking military officers and also made blades for civilians. Ishido Teruhide was ranked Betseki in the 1943 swordsmith rankings by the Nihon Token Tanrenjo and the Nihon Token Shinbunshi. On this particularly rare sword Teruhide used a kao (carved personal seal) in addition to his mei (signature) with the name Ishido Mitsunobu – a signature he used for part of his career.
As in all Ishido swords the construction is sublime. It is blessed with a fine ko-itame jihada and muji-hada with a subtle suguha hamon mixed with small meandering waves (ko-midare).
This is a wonderful Katana for your collection perfect blade and clear hammon.
The Koshirae is unique and has high quality mounting  edo period and open work tsuba with leaves.
Great in detail and perfect fit.


Sword length  68.1cm
Sori 1.3cm
Weight 780g
NTHK certificate given 14-10-1991
Period early showa
City Tokyo