Elegant Japanese Tanto Taguchi Masatsugu NBTHK Hozon


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Elegant Japanese Tanto Taguchi Masatsugu NBTHK Hozon.

Unlock the legacy of Tagushi Masatsugu, a master swordsmith from the early showa period born in July 1904 and start making swords in the year 1935 and studied under Kunihira Akihide the O- kisakki. Steeped in history and revered among enthusiasts, this blade stands as a testament to Masatsugu skill,: Masatsugu crafted this Tanto on a auspicious day in oktober in the year of his birth 1979 for Abe Tanetsugu with Unique Characteristics:  The inscription, carved with precision and artistry, adds to the dignified and tasteful allure of the blade. Masatsugu work is scarce,this tanto is special and the O-kisakki is beautiful.
Masatsugu was during the war a Rikugun Jumei Tosho (high ranking swordsmith).
After the war he won the Gold Medal and the Navy Minister’s Award, and continued to train his swords even  later he receiving awards such as the Effort Award and the Encouragement Award.
The koshirae is very nice a Kuroro lacquerd scabbard and has nice details.
Blade is in perfect condition

Blade Specifications:

  • Blade Length: 23.2cm
  • Warp (Sori): 0.2cm
  • Type: Tanto
  • Motogasane: 5.5cm
  • Period: showa year 1979
    Wide at the Kissaki        2.65cm
    Country of origin  Saga Prefecture
  • NBTHK Hozon Certification: This Tanto holds the prestigious NBTHK Hozon certification, acknowledging its exceptional quality This certification solidifies its status as a prized artifact for discerning collectors and enthusiasts.
    Cherish the opportunity to own a piece of history  Its rarity, unique craftsmanship.