Japanese Samurai Armor Edo period Owner Gondo Heizaemon of the Arima Clan


This Armor is awesome  an original Japanese Samurai armor from Edo period
Armor is made between 1680 and 1700.

The owner was Chikugo Kurume  Gondo Heizaemon Yoshimasa
Chikugo is now Fukuoka Prefecture in the Kyushu area.
The Gondo family served the Kurume clan lord Arima family throughout the Edo period.
The family last many generations and participated in many wars and battle’s
Gondo Heizaemon was born in 1664 and died in 1730 burried in Kurume.
This armor whas his          Real Samurai and its realy wonderful.

Iron 62plates sujibachi with wakidate
Iron black lacquered ressei menpo
Iron black lacquered goishigashirazane 2maido
Iron black lacquered tousei sode
Iron black lacquered shiwafukube kote
Iron black lacquered koshino haidate
Iron black lacquered shino suneate
All parts are original matching the details are stunning.
Armor comes in original wooden impressive box with clan Mon and named.
This is once in a lifetime an impressive and original Japanese Armor from early Edo period.

Afcourse it has some aging and wear but its old and antique.