Japanese Samurai Akoda Nari Kabuto Edo Period


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Japanese Samurai Akoda Nari Kabuto Edo Period.

This ribebed (suji kabuto) is of the Akoda nari type witch means that the front and back are higher than the centre.
It was very popular among the Samurai.
The Kabuto is in great condition and has 62 plates and  5 stage Shigoro ,the crecent moon maedate is afcorse the famous
Date Masamune.
Kabuto is in very good condition and has great details collor is dark brown laquer.

Date Masamune was a skilled military tactician and one of the most dominant Daimyo during the end of the Sengoku Era (warring states) through the early Edo Era (peaceful states).  Although known for his military feats, Date Masamune was remembered for his prominent and trademark crescent moon maedate (helmet crest). He was maybe made more notable due to his missing right eye, giving him the name dokuganryū (独眼竜), or the “One-Eyed Dragon of Ōshu”.  The Date clan primarily used a unique style of  gomai-do (5 section cuirass) which have become known as Yukinoshita or “Sendai Do” named after the modern city of Sendai, Japan in which Date Masamune had founded. This style of samurai cuirass is based on a “yokohagi-okegawa” do design which features ito-mono plating.   It was a popular style of armor because it offered many different options that would change the appearance. It was very robust and comfortable to wear.

Length: 32cm
Width: 44×42cm
Weight: 2606g
Late Edo period
(Wooden stand included)