Japanese Katana Sword made by Horii Hideaki Toshihide NBTHK Hozon


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Toshihide Horii’s real name was Kanekichi Horii, his first name was Kaneaki, and in 1901 he became a student of Tanekiko Horii and Yutaneaki Horii, in 1901 he became Taneaki’s adopted son and son-in-law.
Later, he became the third generation of the Horii family, and in 1912, he was given the name Hideaki, which is derived from Suishinshi Masahide’s character Hide, from the Sword Preservation Society. When the Crown Prince was born in 1933 he was named “Prince Akihito”, so he changed his name to Toshihide because of this.In the hierarchy of sacred swordsmiths, he was ranked as the highest rank, the rank of sacred goods, the highest rank of the greatest craftsman, and the first rank of director. Toshihide Horii is one of the leading swordsmiths of the early Showa period, and he forged the military swords of Chichibunomiya, Takamatsunomiya, and Higashikuninomiya, as well as short swords granted by the Imperial Household Ministry.
This is a stunning katana made by Hideaki in Bizen tradition great blade in wonderful koshirae with silver dragon mounting.

Blade length     67.3cm
Sori                    1.8cm
Width at the hamachi   3.1cm
Motoshige Kasane        7.5mm
Kissaki        2.1cm
Saki kasane      5mm
Mekugi      1
Period   Showa era June (1936)
Country of origin  Hokaido
Signed Zuisen Horii Toshihide
NBTHK Token Hozon