Japanese Bronze Samurai statue Seibo Kitamura Showa period


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Japanese Bronze Samurai statue Seibo Kitamura Showa period

He was born in what was then Minamiarima , Nagasaki  on 16 December 1884 and entered Kyoto City University of Arts to study sculpture in 1903. He graduated from there in 1907 and immediately enrolled in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, from which he received a second sculpture degree in 1912. He began sculpting full-time after his discharge from military service in 1915 and, by 1921, he was a professor at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. He was inducted into the Japan Art Acadamy in 1925.

Kitamura has received numerous other local and national awards for his work throughout his lifetime.
He died on 4 March 1987 in Tokyo at the Age of 102 Many of his works can be viewed at Shimabara Castle, where the yagura is a museum dedicated to his life and work.

This Is a signed work.
A wonderful piece of art and very impressive with great details.
The expression is just stunning it is made of bronze, Kitamura made many samurai becouse he believed in the spirit and their history.
He signed this work of art showa period.
It is very heavy  12.3 kg and comes in original wooden box

Height     47 cm
Width      40 cm
Depth      25 cm