Bushido’s Luxury Maintenance Set for Japanese Katana


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Ensuring your Katana or Nihonto remains in optimal condition is of utmost importance. Hence, this luxurious maintenance set becomes an indispensable asset for sword enthusiasts. [expand title=”Read more…”]


This comprehensive maintenance kit seamlessly facilitates effortless disassembly and upkeep of your sword. Guided by the brass hammer and drift pin, removing the Menukki from your sword becomes an effortless task. Additionally, all components can be neatly stored in the included wooden box, presenting a practical and aesthetically pleasing import from Japan. Consequently, this makes it an ideal choice for both gifting and personal use.


Included in this deluxe maintenance set are:

  • A wooden storage box
  • Rice paper
  • Uchiko ball with polishing powder
  • Bottle of special Choji blade oil
  • Oil cloth
  • Brass hammer
  • Brass drift pin
  • Directly imported from Japan

Using the Choji blade oil:


The Samurai heavily relied on this authentic Choji blade oil from Japan. Comprising approximately 99% mineral oil and a subtle hint of clove oil (1%), proper application is crucial. An improper thickness might lead to solidification and accumulation of dirt. Moreover, excessive oil seepage into the scabbard (saya) may cause wood rot. Hence, the recommendation is to remove excess blade oil with rice paper. It’s advisable to oil your Japanese sword every three months, adapting to its storage conditions.


Japanese blade oil, renowned for centuries, serves as an excellent rust protectant. This authentic oil, directly imported from Japan, boasts an indefinite shelf life.