Stunning Japanese Samurai Tanto Yoroi-Doshi Shin-Shinto Kaifu NBTHK Hozon

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Stunning Japanese Samurai Tanto Shin-Shinto Kaifu NBTHK Hozon

This is truly awesome a great piece of Japanese Samurai History.

A very interesting Sunobi-tanto Yoroi – Doshi  (armor piercing) made by the kaifu School in She-Shinto period. Kaifu was located in Awa province is on the southern island below just below Bizen.
Because of their location they were surrounded by Bungo, bizen, and Yamato so the Daimyo of Awa had to make good reliable swords.
So kaifu was a good reliable sword school and this piece in particular was a very special Order.
Weighing more than the average Katana a lot of Tamahagane went into making it.
Possibly with the intent for a Yoroi-doshi or even a special oder as an offering to a a Buddhist temple.
It has a famous Buddhist poem carved which reads “Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō”.
Another interesting note is the motif on the menuki, it is a famous Buddhist story in which the monkeys holds on from the branch and attempt to seize the reflection of a moon the water,it falls when the branch breaks.
The monkey stand for unenlightened people who cannot distinguish between reality and illusion.
So this set holds a lot of religious feeling.

Nakago Length blade 32.5 cm
Total length blade 44.5 cm
Weight  522 gram
in koshirae 1.3 kg
total length in koshirae 57 cm