Collaboration Masterpiece: Sou Hiroshi & Sou Tsutomu Samurai Sword

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Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of a collaborative masterpiece by father-son swordsmiths, Sou Hiroshi and Sou Tsutomu. This extraordinary sword, a tribute from son to father, embodies the revered Soshu tradition while reflecting influences from renowned artisans like Minamoto Kiyomaro and Tsuda Echizen-no-Kami Sukehiro. [expand title=”Read more…”]

The inscription, a joint work by Sou Hiroshi and Sou Tsutomu, bears significance, denoting the auspicious day of creation in 1984 during the Showa era. Sou Hiroshi, known for his excellence and awarded mastery in swordsmithing, passed on his legacy to his son, Sou Tsutomu, whose skillful blades achieved prestigious recognition, including the esteemed Mukansa award.Crafted with meticulous detail, the blade’s sukehiro-utsushi quality showcases a flawless togari-ha hamon, captivating in its precision and allure. The Uchikatana Koshirae, featuring a black lacquered rayskin polish surface, complements this one-of-a-kind piece, presented in perfect condition.

  • Blade Length: 74.1 cm Sori (Curvature): 1.7 cm Hamon Style: Flamboyant “Togari-ha” starting in Gunome at Hamachi Fuchi/Kashira (Hilt Collar and Butt Cap): Samurai warrior design in Shakudo Nanako-ji surface with Takabori carving Menuki (Handle Ornaments): Shakudo Katabori carving of Samurai warriors in gold Tsuba (Handguard): Yamagane copper ground featuring Nikubori and signed as Souheishi Nyudo SOUTEN-sei Tsuka/Saya (Handle/Scabbard): Rayskin with light brown silk cord Moro-tsumami style lozenge warp.

This masterpiece, certified by NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon, represents the pinnacle of Sou Hiroshi and Sou Tsutomu’s legacy, a testament to their unparalleled craftsmanship in the world of Samurai swords.