Musha Ningyo warrior Doll Late Edo Period


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Musha Ningyo warrior Doll Late Edo Period

Musha Ningyo, also known as warrior dolls, were popular during the Edo period in Japan (1603-1868). These dolls were often crafted to represent legendary samurai warriors, historical figures, or characters from Kabuki plays. They were highly prized and collected as decorative items.
The heads might be made of gofun (a mixture of powdered oyster shell and glue), and the bodies could be composed of wood, straw, or other natural materials. The clothing and armor would often be intricately detailed and made from silk or other high-quality fabrics.
Signs of aging, wear, and patina can be important indicators. Authentic Edo period dolls would naturally show some signs of wear due to their age. However, this should be consistent with the overall condition of the doll and not appear artificially induced.

This doll has great details and is well made has some wear but overall condition is good.
The body armor is wonderful with nice crest.
Height 36 cm