Masterful Takahashi Yoshimune Katana NBTHK Hozon

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Masterful Takahashi Yoshimune Katana NBTHK Hozon

This is a katana by one of the top Gendai smiths, Takahashi Yoshimune. Born in 1897, he was the older brother of Takahashi Sadatsugu (The first Ningen Kokuho-National treasure) and was from Ehime Prefecture.
In 1913, he studied under Yokoyama Sukesada. In 1918 he studied under Henmi Yoshitaka and even later under Enju Kunitoshi. Yoshimune became a Rikugun-Jumei-Tosho and won the 1941 Exhibition Special Honor Noted Seat. He is ranked at 2 million Yen in the Toko-taikan and considered one of the leading makers of his time. He passed away in 1946.

Mei Showa Ju-Ku-Nen-Ni-Gatsu-Kichti-Jitsu Autumn year 1945 (one of his last works)
The Ura Mei of this blade is superb it is signed Minamoto Yoshimune Tsukuru”
Tensho-Ko-Dai-Bo-Satsu (Name of the Shrine in Honor of the sun Goddess Amaterrasu at the Ise Shrine.

This is realy a wonderful piece superior grade Gendaito.
The hamon is executed with precision,  The hada is a very fine dense mokume with chikei and ji nie.  The nakago is extremely well finished and shows the artist’s attention to detail and pride in this sword.  All an exceptional Gendaito from one of the top smiths of his era.
The Koshirae is a perfect match to the blade, the dragon Tsuba and fittings are high quality made and the details are wonderful.
Waiting to be embraced by discerning collectors and enthusiasts.

length 63.8cm
Sori 1.7cm
Hamachi 3.05cm
Kasane 6mm
Wide at the Kissaki 2.2cm
NBTHK Hozon papers 04-02-2016
NBTHK  Tokubetsu Kicho Token Especially Pecious