Legendary Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Senko Masazane Muramasa NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon

Legendary Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Masazane Muramasa NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon.

It is a great pleasure to have a sword in my private collection such a famous smith as the great Senko Masazane.
Its been said that Masazane  is the younger brother of Muramasa,  there is a katana with a two character Masazane signature that closely resembles the work of first generation Muramasa.
Masazane work in Ise with Muramasa from 1500 to 1504 later he travelled alot and work together with the famous Heianjô Nagayoshi we can definitely see similarities in the workmanship of Masazane, Masahige  Nagayoshi and Muramasa.
But I don´t want to leave out the most famous work of Masazane, the yari Tonbôgiri.
It has to be mentioned that the shaft of the spear was 6 m long! once a dragonfly  tried to land on the yari but was cut in two halves and that is why it got the nickname „Tonbôgiri“ (dragonfly cutter).

This is a Legendary sword signed Masazane made around 1504.
Blade is in perfect condition (the number of surviving swords themselves is very small).
Blade is extremely sharp and has a great clear hammon.
The style of the Hammon is Suguha with koshi-Ba mixed.
This is absolute a sword that you can buy once in a lifetime if not almost impossible so close to Muramasa.
Blade is in perfect condition what more can i say!.

The shirasaya has a wonderfull sayagaki made by Tanzan Michihiro Tanobe Written on a good day in february 2010
It say’s” This style is particular speciatity of this craftsman within the Senko Clan typical and well made work.
Blade length 2 Shaku 3 sun 3bu.
Ise Province Senko Masazane two letter inscription, This craftsman is to be said to be an apprentice or younger brother of Muramasa.

Blade length: 70.6 cm .
Sori: 2.4 cm
Moto-haba: 30.5 mm
Weight: 626.5 gram.
Certificate of authenticity: Tokubetsu-Hozon (Especially Worthy of Preservation)
Given on 28 June year 2013