Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Jumyo NBTHK Hozon Edo period


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This is one very beautiful and meaningful Samurai sword.

The Jumyo (寿命) school has its origins from Yamato (Nara prefecture) and moved to Mino province (Gifu prefecture) in the Kamakura period (1185-1333). The tradition continued for centuries, right up until the end of the Edo period in 1868.
Their unique name, Jumyo, means life span or longevity. As it’s meaning is so hopeful, their swords were prized as celebrated gifts to Daimyo (great) families amongst the Samurai society.
The classic black mountings or ‘hon-koshirae’ that make up this splendid piece are representative of what a Samurai would be seen at a formal occasion.
All pieces of the koshirae are in wonderful condition and compliment this long katana’s elegant wavy hamon (temper line) marvelously.
The sword is certified Hozon (sword worthy of conserving) by the prestigious NBTHK (Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords).

This is a magnificent katana from Japan of significant value the koshirae and Mounting is one of a kind superb details samurai’s with Dragons in gold very nice. WOW what a great sword the hammon is unique and very active.

Sword has a Hozon certificate issued by NBTHK. This authentication paper was only given to Japanese swords, worth preserving by Nihon Bijutsu Touken Hozon Kyokai (the Society for the Preservation of the Japan Art Sword).

Sword length  75.1 cm
Sori     0.7 cm
Weight  1050 grams
Country/Era Mino End of the Edo period
NBTHK   Hozon