Orders of Merit from the Japanese Red Cross in World War II


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Japanese Red Cross Orders of Merit from WW2 


Here are two original Japanese Red Cross Orders of Merit, one in gold and one in silver. These prestigious awards were first issued in the year 1888 and are referred to as ‘Yuknosho’ in Japan. Both pieces are in impeccable condition, beautifully crafted with enamel inlaid on exquisite metal. They come in their original boxes, presenting a stunning ensemble.


These orders hold historical significance, symbolizing recognition for outstanding service and dedication to humanitarian causes during World War II. The intricate craftsmanship and pristine condition of these medals serve as a testament to their legacy and the esteemed traditions of the Japanese Red Cross.


The ‘Yuknosho’ medals were bestowed upon individuals for their exceptional contributions to the welfare of others, embodying the values of compassion and selflessness. The meticulous attention to detail in the metalwork and enamel inlay reflects the honor and prestige associated with these awards.


These medals not only represent commendable acts of kindness and aid but also stand as remarkable artifacts of a pivotal era in history. They serve as a poignant reminder of the bravery, sacrifice, and humanitarian efforts made during the tumultuous times of World War II.


Owning these orders of merit is not only a historical treasure but also an acknowledgment of the profound impact and dedication to humanity that these awards represent. A true testament to the valor and generosity of those who dedicated themselves to aiding others in times of dire need.