Gorgeous Enomoto Tatsuyoshi Katana Gassan Tradition Masterpiece Sword

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Gorgeous Tatsuyoshi Katana Gassan Tradition Masterpiece Sword

Special feature  The father of Kashimoto Tatsuyoshi has been called Enomoto Sadayoshi and was the student of Gassan Sadakatsu.
He was extremely skillful sword smith.
Tatsuyoshi  1951–2013. Birth name Enomoto Eiichiro. Son of Enomoto Sadayoshi, older brother of Enomoto Sadahito; both began training at a young age at the famous Gassan school.
Won the NBTHK Effort and Excellence awards. Former President of the Tokai Branch of the National Association of Swordmakers.

Enomoto Tatsuyoshi 1951-2013 is the older brother of Enomoto Sadahito, both began studying swordsmithing with their father in their youth, paralleling the practices of Gassan family smiths. Tatsuyoshi received his license in 1975 and began to submit swords for the annual sword forging competition and receiving many respectable awards that are testimony to his skills.

The general choice of style for Enomoto works is Soshu. One might assume that Ayasugi hada would be dominant in their works, but the Gassan skills weren’t completely dependant on this feature and this point is clear in the Enomoto branch as it is within their repertoire, but not a hallmark of their works. Their competence and comfort in other traditions is apparent in the skillful recreation of Yamashiro works emulating Rai Kunimitsu, thus showing the flexibility to work in a quieter, more concentrated form of hada and hamon, and recently more choji hamon styles have been seen with a nod to the Bizen style of yakiba.

Enomoto family swords display the evidence of Gassan influence by shapes faithful to recreation of eras, skillful forging, and meticulously finished nakago. The nakago is never overlooked in Gassan or Enomoto school works, with the commitment that the nakago should display attentive care and a dignified finish in order to complete the sword as a work of art. The Enomoto style of mei is also immediately recognizable as an extension of Gassan structure with fluid, confident strokes exuding the pride they hold in their work and the tribute to former masters of their lineage.

This work is a reproduction of the great-polished long sword of Naoe Shizu during the Nanbokucho period.
Of course the quality of the blade is excellent, but I’m really happy that it comes in a high-quality  Higo Koshirae!
Tsuba, Heian castle edo period and has gold inlay details are wonderful.
This Katana is a masterpiece gorgeous one of the great works made by this famous swordsmith of the Gassan school.
Blade is one of a kind superb hammon and Bo-Hi but then the O kissaki what more can i say!

Note In 2013 Tatsuyoshi died at the age of 62, Japan lost one of the great swordmasters its a great honor to show this sword to the world.

Inscription Signature and Date
Front   Ryuyoshi Enomoto Sakuyuki
Back    Showa Koshi mid-autumn oktober year 1981
Length  73.7 cm
Sori        2.4 cm
Blade   785 gram.
Province Shizuoka
Gassan school Osaka.