Gorgeous Japanese Wakizashi Bishu Osafune Tadamitsu NBTHK Hozon


This Gorgeous wakizashi made   by Jo-jo-saku (superior smith) Bizen Osafune Tadamitsu is both signed and dated to August 1516 during the heart of the Sengoku Jidai (Warring States period).
It is a superior wakizashi  blade is in perfect condition.
Tadamitsu, the one known for its skill was the one from the Muromachi period.
Among the “Hikobei Tadamitsu” who were active in the middle period, there were craftsmen with the same name who had common names such as Hikosaburo, Shushiryo, Kurozaemon, and Heiemon-jo, and there are other works by Tadamitsu without common names. , both of them are highly skilled and well-made. Around Eisho and Taiei (1504-1527).
This is a superior work in a Gorgeous koshirae black laquer and handmade silver mounting with fine details.
Kozuka is just great wilh gold finisch  outstanding also the fuu dog is amazing in detail please judge for yourself.

This has everything you want all in perfect condition.

Blade length       56.8cm
Warp Sori            1.9cm
Width at the hamachi    2.9cm
Motoshige Kasane          7.5mm
Wide at the Kissaki          2.1cm
Saki kasane        5.5mm
Mekugi hole       3
Period   Muromachi period (AD1516)
Country of origin              Bizen Province
NBTHK Hozon     Given   23-07-2011