Excellent Japanese Star stamp Katana Torio Hiromasa Showa 1943 NBTHK Hozon


Excellent Japanese Star stamp Katana Torio Hiromasa Showa 1943 NBTHK Hozon.

Katana made by Torio Hiromasa.
He was a top smith in his time, ranked well at the annual sword forging competitions, and was a student of Takahashi Sadatsugu (1st Living National Treasure) and Takahashi Yoshimune.
He was very good at Choji-midare  of Bizen-school and one of the skillful craftsmen in Showa era who reproduce Ichimonji clove temper line.
The  blade is in perfect condition and in an original polish.  An excellent example of Bizen-school and one of the superior works by the artisan HIROMASA. His existing works are comparatively few since he died when he was  45 years old, in 1953.
This sword has a star stamp an that means blades with mei, date and star-stamp made by Rikugun Jumei Tosho (Hiromasa has first seat on Exhibition) great honnor.
The blade has NBTHK  Hozon Token  high quality sword
This Katana has a great balance the hammon is very clear and active  a great sword in a wonderfull koshirae with nice dragon details in silver.

Blade length       63.3cm
Warp Sori            1.8cm
Width at the hamachi    3.2cm
Motoshige Kasane          7mm
Wide at the Kissaki          2.2cm
Saki kasane        5mm
Mekugi hole Mekugi   1
Era Jidai    Showa period 1943
Country of Origin     Ehime Prefecture
Signature  Yoshu Hojo Sumi Hiromasa, July 1943 (stamped on the ridge) Yama Ho Katana[Torio_Hiromasa] NBTHK Hozon Token