Enomoto Sadahito Daisho: Masterpiece Blades from Soshu Den and Gassan Traditions

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Explore the legacy of Enomoto Sadahito, son of renowned smith Sadayoshi, born in the 29th year of Showa (1954). Trained in the Soshu Den style akin to Masamune and Sadamune, as well as the distinctive Gassan tradition, Sadahito earned his smithing license in 1977.

Wonderfull Japanese Daisho made in Gassan tradition.

Crafted using tamahagane, old steel, and oroshigane, these blades are a testament to the family’s heritage, spanning generations of exceptional craftsmanship. As the President of the Tokai Branch of the National Association of Swordmakers, Sadahito upholds a prestigious legacy rooted in phenomenal skill.

This daisho set, a true masterpiece, boasts impeccably signed blades—伊豆住榎本貞人作 (izu jū enomoto sadahito saku), showcasing a unique and magnificent Hamon. The meticulously designed Koshirae, adorned with dragon motifs and intricate details, elevate these blades to art pieces.

A must-have addition to any esteemed Gassan collection, these swords have garnered accolades at NBTHK competitions, testament to Sadahito’s prowess. His personal Sayagaki further adds to the allure of these remarkable pieces.


Katana Specifications:

  • Nagasa (Blade Length): 71.8 cm
  • Sori (Curvature): 2.0 cm
  • Hamachi (Blade Start): 3.3 cm
  • Kissaki (Tip): 2.7 cm
  • Made Year: Feb 1980, Izu Province (Mishima city, signed as Izu province)


Wakizashi Specifications:

  • Nagasa (Blade Length): 53.2 cm
  • Sori (Curvature): 1.3 cm
  • Hamachi (Blade Start): 3.05 cm
  • Kissaki (Tip): 2.25 cm
  • Made Year: Feb 1980, Izu Province (Mishima city, signed as Izu province)


Immerse yourself in the heritage of Enomoto Sadahito’s craftsmanship through this daisho, embodying centuries of tradition and the finest artistry in Japanese sword-making.