Daisho Japanese Katana and wakizashi Enomoto Gassan Sadahito Mukansa


Enomoto Sadahito is the son of Enomoto Sadayoshi.

Sadahito, was born in the 29th year of Showa (1954).
He began training under his father the famous Sadayoshi, who whas the son of Sadakatsu and became a licensed smith in 1977.  He specializes in the Soshu Den, making swords in the tradition of Masamune and Sadamune.  He also works in the Gassan tradition, making the trademark ayasugi hada.
He uses tamahagane as well as old steel and oroshigane.   He is currently the President of the Tokai Branch of the National Association of Swordmakers.
Sadahito comming from a great family of national treasure his Grandfather Sadakatsu  there skills are phenomenal.
This daisho is in one word incredible i am very proud that i can offer this set truly a masterpiece.
The blade’s are afcourse in perfect condition signed, 伊豆住榎本貞人作, izu jū enomoto sadahito saku.
Wonderful Hamon unique one of a kind.
Also Both of the Koshirae are a piece of art nice with dragon mounting and very good details.
This daisho is one that you must have for your famous Gassan collection!.
Sadahito is an active swordsmith and has won many prizes at the NBTHK competitions.
He personel signed also the sayagaki.

Nagasa 71.8 cm
Sori 2.0 cm
Hamachi 3.3 cm
Kissaki  2.7 cm
Made year Feb 1980 Izu Province (Mishima city, signed as Izu province) Sayagaki written by( Sadato) Sadahito showa period.

Nagasa  53.2 cm
Sori  1.3 cm
Hamachi 3.05 cm
Kissaki 2.25 cm
Made year Feb 1980 Izu Province (Mishima city, signed as Izu province)Sayagaki written by (Sadato)Sadahito showa period.