About Bushido Japanese Art & Antiques

The history of Japanese Samurai and their culture. Our expertise is mainly in Japanese antiques and related items such as swords, armors, dolls, but also WWII. We are in the unique position to import items from Japan and have built up dear contacts there.

About Henk Slok

Preference for the history of Japanese Samurai and their culture. 

My Passion arises that as a boy of 14 years I started with Karate. After many years of training and devotion came the infamous 50 and the very tough 100 man test (kumite). So I got my 1st Dan from that moment on there was also trained with the Jo the bigger Bo and the little Tanjo. After all these trials the sword came after many years of training the thought and my fascination with the Samurai arose.

The Samurai lived according to the old code of the Bushido. To this day it is still my life path.
In all the years I have built up a number of dear contacts, and try to gather a lot of knowledge (of course the real knowledge is in Japan). But I try to do my best. We are in the position to import very exclusive Japanese and Chinese antiques if you have wishes let us know

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